Art: International
Rubrik: Artists in Residence
Anmeldeschluss: 15. Dezember 2018

TAI ‘s AIR program is inviting artists from worldwide those, who have enthusiasm for realizing their creative projects in Yerevan capital of Armenia.

The duration of the program can be 1-12 month.

Disciplines and assistance
– Visual art, performance art, music, architecture, urban art, literature, curatorial and cultural research, arts administration, art management, and interdisciplinary etc.
– Basic tools and art supplies.
– Logistic support and assistance for artists‘ residency projects.

Private furnished room with self-contained kitchen.
Private or shared studio/room with self-contained or shared kitchen.

Fees and support
Applicants are responsible for covering the residency fee that includes the studio rent, utilities and administrative support. TAI will i accept letters for successful residents and support their applications for external grants to cover the fee, travel, food, production and other costs. No stipend or allowance for international artists for this period. If an artist would like to have an exhibition during the residency,we will support logistic material fee according to the proposal.

Expectations towards the artist
To join welcome party, field trip, artist talk, joint exhibition, open studio , presentation, discussions..etc.

Application information
You can send your CV , project proposal (Max 500 word) and portfolio to: